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Pam Oakes wins the Honorary Mayor’s race

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Kevin at Accelerated Global is inspired with the name In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco for the event

Accelerated-Global-logo13The big music festival hadn’t yet been named. As Kevin at Accelerated Global was working on some promotional videos for the headline act, he realized their rendition of the Iron Butterfly’s iconic 60’s anthem In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was spot on.

With his discerning musical ear, having spent most of his life in various bands playing a variety of instruments, he realized these musicians had a special quality in recreating the authentic sounds, right down to the couch-sized 60s-era Hammond B3 organ they were lugging around, just as many of that era’s rock bands had done.

In a flash of inspiration, Kevin chose the name for the event. It would be suggestive of the 60s-era nature of this music festival, and instantly recognizable to fans of 60s-70s hard rock. By including the name Pasco, it showed the support this event would provide for the county’s businesses. It was a play on words, as Iron Butterfly had done with its variation of “In The Garden Of Eden,” the original song title. It suggested in a subliminal way that Pasco county was indeed a garden worth visiting, which tied in with the campaign’s focus on international tourism. And so, the music event gained a distinctive name: In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco.

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Authentic 60s-70s band Lint Rollers is secured by the campaign manager to perform at the music festival

The Lint Rollers will perform on Sunday, Feb 24th 2013 at the Fraternal Order of Police property on the corner of US41/Land O Lakes Blvd and Bell Lake Road.
The In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco music festival is from 11 a.m. til 5 p.m.
Admission is $10.00 per adult, teens 13-16 $5.00, under 12 FREE
See details.

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Planning for a large music festival begins

Accelerated-Global-logo13The previous year, Ling had noticed the perfect location for a large music event when promoting designer wine at the Fraternal Order of Police property where a band was performing outdoors. She set this idea aside for a future possibility.

At a subsequent event at another location in Carrolwood, Kevin was assisting as part of a four-cameraman crew filming a live band’s performance at the outdoor festival there. Kevin and Ling took notice of the preceding band’s skill in performing classic rock hits from such iconic 60s and 70s bands as Deep Purple, the Beatles and Iron Butterfly. They felt this band would be perfect for some type of future music event.

Several months later, Ling wanted to create a fundraiser for Pam. Since Ling at the time was managing Pam’s run for Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes, she visualized a large music event at the FOP property with that band, who styled themselves the Lint Rollers. Planning was initiated to make this event a reality for Pasco county.

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Accelerated Global manages the campaign website, and recommends a strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media

Accelerated-Global-logo13As Kevin consulted with Pam, he recommended that with 2013 coming up, the essential place for any business or event to have a presence was on the various social media, to help draw traffic to the main business or event website.

At the time, Pam only had a simple Facebook page, and Kevin and Ling recommended she start by building a page for herself on LinkedIn which, Kevin explained, was a sort of Facebook for business. As Pam got started building her online resume on LinkedIn, Kevin followed up by creating a Twitter page for her with a clear description of the campaign’s goals.

All of this social media was then tied in to appear on every page of her campaign website. This made it a simple matter for viewers and supporters to post these updates on their own social media pages.

With the basic social media channels in place, Kevin and Ling began helping Pam to push out her campaign message with updates about her fundraising events. Within a short time Pam was surprised to see the number of her friends, followers and connections increasing daily.

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Pam expresses her need for a website, and starts working with Accelerated Global

Accelerated-Global-logo13Kevin Tambling designed the website for PamOakes.com, after consulting with Pam to determine her unique requirements for a web presence. Pam’s ideal website was to include the beautiful and inspiring nature photography of Andrea Pico Estrada. Pam’s weekly radio spots were to be archived for listeners to enjoy, along with her images from various photo shoots and appearances.

Since this was a support website for her campaign, a calendar of events and Pam’s articles for various publications, along with statements of her campaign issues were to be included.

Within a just a few days the website took shape, and because of this Pam extended her internet outreach to a much larger worldwide audience, complete with a section for viewer’s comments on each page and PayPal functionality for securely collecting campaign donations.

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Links to Endorsements and Supporters

“A vote for candidate Pam Oakes is a vote for the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce and increased tourism and business in Pasco county.” – George Clamp, Owner of Great Britain Tile

Please let me know how I can help your Pasco County Business or club! I am available to appear at your event, give a presentation on my platform issues, OR let’s create an event!

Thank You!   To the Generous Individuals and Businesses listed below.       May your generosity be returned to you manyfold….

Goods or Services

  • Pizza Villa –  % of Proceeds in January to Campaign, Food Supplier for 1/22/13 Toast of the Town Fundraiser – $100 Gift Basket [Winner:  Ron Raimondi], FREE Event 4 Kidz Fundraiser 12/22/12 – email
  • Cooper Financial – Host location for 1/22/13 Toast of the Town Fundraiser, wine and other supplies – Cooper-Financial.com
  • Under The Sun Boutique – Vendor Space Como Blues Fest – $100 Gift Basket [Winner: Joey & Cindy Young] – Under The Sun Boutique
  • Kevin Tambling – Web Design & Photography Accelerated Global – SEO, Web and Marketing ServicesLinkedIn, Raffle Items
  • David Apostle – DFA International, LLC, Consulting – email
  • Kelly Feldkamp – Tax Preparation
  • Blenus Martin – Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Repair – email
  • Mark Banjak – Graphic Design & Promos
  • Andrea Webb – Banner Eagle Photos – email
  • Pasco County Recycling – Promo Items – email
  • Nusa SUN – Advertising – email
  • Julie Rinaldi – LOLA (advertising) – email
  • Wyndy Olson – Logo Artistry, Face painting at Pizza Villa FREE Event for Kidz
  • Point to Point Printingemail
  • Bill Pawson – RPM Printing email
  • Creative Printing – Printing – email
  • Target Super Store (Lutz) Candy for Pizza Villa FREE Event for Kidz
  • Ierna’s Heating & Cooling – Doggie Christmas Gift Basket – $50 Gift Basket [Winner:  Patty Turrell] Ierna’s Heating & Cooling
  • Quality Care Automotive Center– Raffle Items – qualitycareautocenter.com
  • Mark Vesh – VESH Catering cateredbyvesh.com
  • D & D Pressure Washing – Raffle Items – ddpressurewash.com
  • Bay Cities Bank/Lutz Branch – Novelty Give-away Items
  • Advance Auto Parts – Raffle Items – email
  • Anthony V. Masella, Jr. – Photography – OurTownFLA.com
  • Deb Bowen – Entertainment – email
  • Joyce’s Teirs of Joy Garden Art – Raffle Items – email
  • All Smiles Denistry – Raffle Items
  • Evolutions of Beauty – Raffle Items
  • Gateway Chiropractic – Raffle Items
  • Rosane Gibson – Life Coach – Raffle Items
  • Karri Sheltons Hair Studio – Raffle Items
  • Copperstone Exec. Suitescopperstone.info – In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Fest Sponsor
  • McFarlane’s Appliances Centermcfarlanesappliance.com – In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Sponsor
  • Sun n’ Fun Realty, Inc.sunnfunrealty.com – In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Sponsor
  • Hungry Harry’s BBQhhbbq.com – In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Sponsor
  • Arbea – Fraternal Order of Police (FOP 29) – pascofop.com – In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Gift Certificates
  • Gordon – Fraternal Order of Police (FOP 29) and 2 of his Boy Scouts – Labor, Parking Attendants
  • Lake Como Family Nudist Resortlakecomonaturally.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • Under the Sun BoutiqueUnder The Sun Boutique – Gifts/Certificates
  • Kevin TamblingAccelerated Global – SEO Audit Certificates
  • Ling Christensen – Campaign Manager/Accelerated Global
  • Karri Shelton’s Hair Studio – (813) 817-3451 – Gifts/Certificates
  • Gateway Chiropracticgatewaychiropractic.net – Gifts/Certificates
  • All Smiles Dentistryallsmilestampabay.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • D&D Power Washingddpressurewash.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • New Tung Tung 2 Chinese Restaurantnewtungtung2.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • Keeleys Custom Marine Cover & Upholstery – (813) 727-6199 – Gifts/Certificates
  • Hello Beautifulhello-beautiful-boutique.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • J. Joseph Salonjjosephsalon.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • All Tune and Lubealltuneandlubelandolakes.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • Pasco Iron & Metalpascoironandmetal.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • RPM Printersrpm2print.com – Gifts/Certificates
  • Dunkin Donuts – Land O’ Lakes/Lutz – Event Food
  • Winn Dixie – Land O’ Lakes/Lutz – Gift Certificates
  • Home Depot – Carrollwood – % off event supplies
  • Office Depot – Carrollwood – % off event supplies
  • Sams Club – Carrollwood – % off event supplies


  • Shane Boyd
  • Ling Christensen
  • Kevin Tambling
  • Cindy Palmer
  • Chuck & Roberta Farrow
  • Judi Miller
  • Kim Norman
  • Cathy Winters
  • Brenda Netz
  • Deb Z.
  • Jill Gravino
  • Mallika Albert
  • Jean Clark
  • Linda Kaye “The Pink Chick”
  • Paul Tucker
  • Amanda Malhoit “Former Honorary Mayor”
  • ReneVanHout
  • Cyndi Kerrigan
  • Renee Christian
  • Mary Martin
  • Santa Claus
  • Claudia Harris
  • Jim & Hilda Holt
  • Bob & Carolyn Van
  • Larry & Jeanne Icenogle
  • Bill & Sharon Wascher
  • Reid & Margaret Wilson
  • Xzanthia LaRiviere
  • P.J. Medina
  • Melinda Asbel

My Donors

  • Peggy Oakes thanks Mom
  • Lake Como Family Nudist Park & Community website
  • Dan & Deb Nockels
  • Patrick Lowe
  • Carl Young (IN)
  • Beth & Gerry Harding
  • Sun-n-Fun Realty – website
  • Jack and Sally Dupree
  • Carol Carson
  • Michael Bolton
  • Mark Trierweiler (MI)
  • Pink
  • Frederick Richards (NY)
  • Ken McCalvey
  • Lake Como Blues Festival (60 Individual Donations)
  • Margie A. Merrill
  • Chuck & Roberta Farrow
  • Anonymous
  • Anna Steneker
  • John & Timberly Newcomer
  • Bob & Carolyn
  • Traditions on the Green (19 Individual Donations)
  • Bill & Sharon Wascher
  • Gary McDonald CoastToCoastSolar.com
  • Jim Miller
  • Dan & Cindy Palmer
  • Sean Hall
  • Judy B.
  • Lin Malzone
  • Pizza Villa FREE Event 4 Kidz (Countless Individual Donations)
  • Nautical Nudists
  • Jack Rinaldi
  • George & Ela Dybicki
  • Bill Engle
  • Doug Stuart
  • Ted DeLong
  • Kevin & Shannon Young
  • Ian & Debi Hunter
  • Dale Harp & Edie Jones
  • Rich & Julianne Pasco
  • Bob K.
  • Lisa Caruso
  • Mark & Jane Gamble
  • Tim Sullivan
  • Keith Eschelman
  • Nancy & Bob Moore
  • Toast of the Town (79 Individual Donations)
  • Housewalk Home Hosts (6 Households)
  • Housewalkers (120 Individual Donations)
  • Paradise Pines RV Park Friday Meet & Greet Group
  • In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Festies
  • Greg & Janet Gunnels
  • Fred D.
  • Charlotte & L.J.’s Houseguests
  • Clothes Closet Shoppers (Countless Individual Donations)
  • D. Nemeth
  • Kurt K.
  • Pam Taynor Colker

Volunteers for the In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Event

  • The Lint Rollers Band – Joey Donovan, George Valaes, Mike Cusumano and Dennis Toerpe
  • Ling Christensen, Campaign Manager
  • Skip & Susan Palmer
  • Mallika Albert
  • Robert Farnell
  • Christine & Brad Shattuck
  • Nicola Johnsen
  • Jane & Mark Gamble
  • Lin Malzone
  • Kim Armentrout
  • Frank Pridgen
  • Sarah Sprague
  • Irma Tieger
  • Chris Pawlowicz
  • Gary Moore
  • Deborah Bogan
  • Dave Fuson
  • Cyndi Kerrigan
  • Amanda Malhoit
  • Nancy Moore
  • Nora Rusch
  • Sandy & Bill Neuwirth
  • Rosane Gibson
  • Randy Gailit
  • Kevin Tambling
  • Arbea Bond
  • Gordon Bond

Vendors for the In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Event

Marquee Sign Supporters

The election is over. Thank You for donating!

Pam Oakes is Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes for 2013/2014 raising $8291.25 for the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce, with 10 percent to the Mayor’s choice of charity!

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect,

Pam Oakes signature

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has”. — Margaret Mead

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