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Haulover Nude Beach founders Richard and Shirley Mason interviews

Pam interviews the founders of famous Haulover Nude Beach, Richard and Shirley Mason. (Four parts)





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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Hi Everybody,

The old-timers on the Lansing (MI) Fire Department will whimsically recall this new recruits uniformed a** (literally!), up in the air most mornings, bent over the big trash bins, digging through, picking out the recyclables.  It was before curbside recycling service and big fancy bins and such (1983).  I eventually placed and maintained recycling containers (cardboard boxes) in all 9 fire houses.   Now, LFD has curbside recycling.  And you do too!

Pasco County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer L. Seney, FMN, FMG reminds us all to “Curb Your Blues”. Not that it isn’t excellent and timeless advice, but she’s not referring to putting your depression on hold.  Moreover, she’s encouraging us to use those attractive Blue Bags for curbside recycling.  Thanks for all that you do, Jennifer, and of your tireless Pasco County Utilities Fiscal & Business Services Department teams over there in New Port Richey.  Thanks also goes to Eric Keaton and Ed Caum of Pasco County Tourism Development Office, who just today at the Annual Tourism Summit  reiterated the close link between tourism and maintaining a pristine environment.

Pasco County has long served as a quintessential family vacation destination, also known as the Southernmost County on Florida’s Nature Coast.  Whos motto is ‘It’s Only Natural‘,  her natural ‘eco.tunities‘, international sporting events and Gulf coastal attractions [see: Coast FAM], do just that  ~attract ~  a lucky several hundred thousand adventure seeking visitors each year from all reaches of the world.   As John Webb, President of Florida Sports proudly pronounces “Florida ~ Where the World comes to Play”.  To me, this also begs the difficult question.  “How can we develop our (tourism) resources while still protecting our parks and communities ~ our environment?”

Some statistics show that for every 82 tourists, 1 job is created.  But what kind of impact does that same amount of visitors have on the environment?  Theodore Roosevelt once said “Conservation means development as much as it does protection, but the nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired in value.”  So, in addition to awareness and education on the subjects of Tourism and Naturism, the Environment will be a concurrent theme during my tenure if I am elected as Honorary Mayor of Land O’Lakes and for the multitudes of trips around the sun into the ever after.  I would propose to Jennifer that we work closely to understand, and perhaps, take the lead in managed growth as it relates to the tourism industry.  What are they doing over there in Polk?  I’d like to hear how they’re handling  these types of things.  From what I heard at the Pasco County Tourism Summit today, I gather very well.

Kudos to Eric and Ed for an all-star line-up again this year.  It’s my 3rd Summit.  I enjoy seeing faces, known and new, and come away with new perspectives on a myriad of complex subjects concerning tourism.   Each year very different, and always informative.   Eric and Ed say good-bye to our beloved Colleen, and a cheery hello to their new assistant, Audrey.  Her inaugural Summit, Audrey’s performance was a stellar  display of efficiency and good old fashioned Southern hospitality .  Friendly as a puppy, I think she is happy to have found a new ‘home’.   Best wishes Audrey!

Peace, Love, Unity & Respect,

Pam Oakes signature
Oakes 4 O’Lakes
P.O. Box 2975
L.O.L. 34639

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.  In fact, it is the only thing that ever has”.  — Margaret Mead

For more information please call Pasco County Recycling (727) 847-8041 or visit

A Pam Promise: I will make every attempt to offer recycling at any events that I organize and encourage others to follow Pasco County’s commitment to the environment. See HOW TO OPTIMIZE RECYCLING AT YOUR PASCO COUNTY EVENT.

Classifieds:  I am actively seeking Volunteers  in many areas to assist with the Pam Oakes 4 Land O’Lakes campaign which runs through to its conclusion in March 2013 at the Central Pasco Business Expo.  Please contact me at

Classifieds:  Intern Opportunities!!!  Volunteer Recycling Coordinator and as many elves as possible to assist a small town hopeful.  Apply at

Classifieds:  Your Ad Could Be Here!   Contact:  Classified Ad Department

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Pasco County markets its nude resorts to international tourists

international flagsMarketing, RNC paid off for Pasco County tourism

By LAURA KINSLER | The Tampa Tribune
Published: October 11, 2012

Pasco County’s plan to market the county as a sports destination is paying off this year — the county’s tourism figures rose 19 percent in 2012.

This also was the first year Pasco County began marketing the area’s many nude resorts to international tourists. County Tourism Director Eric Keaton said the county’s first “Eurobird” ads drew tourists from eight European and South American countries. The largest contingent traveled from Belgium.
“The one thing this organization did for the county was to help open our eyes to the international market as a whole,” Keaton said.
The campaign generated worldwide publicity. “Just talking about the naturist lifestyle had our office fielding interview requests from Australia and Germany,” Keaton said.

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“Marketing, RNC paid off for Pasco County tourism” article – PDF

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Pasco county officials and nudists unite for Pasco international tourism


Pasco International Tourism

By Pam Oakes / Special to Nusa SUN

As the Olympic Torch methodically finds its way to the Olympic Stadium cauldron in London on July 27th, U.S. officials here are hoping that some Europeans are set to vault across the big pond and holiday abroad this year. In January, President Obama appeared at Disney World to unveil a Federal tourism plan that encourages travelers from across the globe to visit the USA and enjoy her many world famous attractions from sea to shining sea. The Federal government has challenged state and local governments to follow its lead and develop their own international tourism marketing plans. The Commerce Department says international travel is worth $134 billion, which has jurisdictions across the land scrambling to find their special ‘niche’ and win the attention of international visitors.

A Match Made in Heaven “Love-Love”

County official and nudists uniteWe like tourists because they spend money in our businesses, help pay our taxes while here, and not only help us keep our jobs, but for every 65 tourists visiting an area, one new job is created. Much like good grandchildren, they come and then go home. Once home, they act as mini ambassadors and most come back. On the flip side of the coin, what’s not to love about Florida? The Sunshine State boasts year round warm weather, sterling beaches, Mickey Mouse and southern hospitality. Most international visitors enjoy a good exchange rate and find our hotels, restaurants, shopping and transportation to be reasonably priced. Pasco County specifically, whose motto is “It’s Only Natural” is right on target with what many family oriented Europeans value and desire – a relaxed atmosphere and a natural environment. ‘Eco’tunities abound throughout our parks and along the shores of this southernmost county of Florida’s Nature Coast. Within a stones throw of world famous theme parks, beaches, Tampa Bay amenities, and coupled with easy access to international airports and cruise ships, Pasco County is the quintessential family oriented vacation destination. a special ‘niche’ presents itself. Rapidly becoming known internationally as the Naturist Capital of the USA, Pasco County also benefits from housing the largest naturist community in the United States. Pasco also has something very special that no one else does. Nestled in her central core, a special ‘niche’ presents itself.

A Perfect Marriage

With an estimated 19 million European naturists, and for the countless others who do not identify themselves as naturists but prefer to vacation at nudist resorts, here lies a diverse cluster of naturist and clothing optional communities, resorts, RV parks and campgrounds. Europeans typically enjoy marathon summer vacations lasting from 3 – 6 weeks or longer. This coincides perfectly with Pasco’s ‘off’ or ‘low’ season. A small volunteer naturist group presented these facts to county officials and it didn’t take long for the Pasco County Tourist Development Council to place a collective toe into the heretofore unknown waters of international naturist tourism.

In an unprecedented move, the county dove in, head first, to award the Pasco Area Naturist Development Association (PANDA) $3,818 to place advertising in targeted international naturist publications to promote the area. Following an International Naturist Tourism Forum in May, which was co-hosted by PANDA and Pasco County, interest catapulted to new heights among the nude recreation industry and the local business community. The Pasco International Tourism Committee is a newly formed group that arose in the wake of this renewed energy, and is comprised of local government leaders as well as naturist and non-naturist business and community volunteers. Together they plan to carry Pasco’s own torch to encourage international visitors to choose Pasco where “It’s Only Natural.”



Reprinted with permission Nusa SUN Magazine

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