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Nekkid Chef

Pam Oakes, The Nekkid Chef

Pam Oakes, The Nekkid Chef

Pam Oakes, Nekkid Chef

As a regular  Nusa SUN Magazine contributor for 2 years, my column, What’s Up Now Pam?  chronicled my journey from a rambunctious youth to a trailblazing firefighter.  Also, the how, when and why I adopted the naturist lifestyle nearly 20 year ago.

20 Easy to Prepare Delicious and Nutritious Recipes for the Au Natural Chef in YOU!

This Special Edition of Nusa SUN Magazine is a collection of my favorite What’s Up Now Pam? columns as Nusa’s Health & Fitness writer Nekkid Chef.  Witness my personal transformation from premature poor health to optimal health as I ‘bare’ my soul through my humorous take on life and epicurial anecdotes.  Beautifully illustrated color photos, I impersonate over a dozen famous  females of stage, film and history!

  • Includes Gluten Free & Vegan Recipes
  • Nudist Resort Living
  • 20% of Proceeds to Charity

What’s Up Now Pam?” was a popular column in Nusa SUN Magazine from 2010-2012.  As a Nekkid Chef, I’m currently on hiatus from my regular health & fitness column to pursue community service work as a volunteer for The Pasco International Tourism Committee (P.I.T.), a subcommittee of the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce.  Nusa SUN has partnered with P.I.T. Committee to promote it’s international naturist tourism efforts and frequently features stories in this colorful and fun, informative and edgy magazine serving the largest nudist community in the world.

Note:  Pam is not a professional nutritionist or chef.

Pam Oakes - Naked Chef ad

Pam Oakes – Naked Chef ad

Up, up and away!

Up, Up and Away! Photo by Images jimmaloy@gmail.com
Nusa SUN’s Nekkid Chef, Pam Oakes hands off winning tickets to an ecstatic Valerie Finch for a FREE Naked Hot Air Balloon Ride as witnessed by Jessica Warren of American Balloons on Hwy 41 in Land O’ Lakes. Valerie is a resident at Caliente and the owner of Tails A Waggin’ Pet Sitting Service. Pam ran the free offer contest during the summer sales of her Special Edition of Nusa SUN entitled The Best of Pam Oakes. Once a popular column in Nusa SUN, this Nekkid Chef will toss her chef’s hat into the ring and is announcing her bid for Honorary Mayor of Land O’ Lakes.

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Naked Events

Naked Events

Naked Events

Naked Events

Note:  ‘Test the Waters’ events are discreet ways to explore social nudism for the seriously curious only!
IMPORTANT: No photography allowed at any nude or clothing-optional event. Strictly enforced.

FREE Read Nudist-Resorts.Org while N.I.F.O.C. (Naked In Front Of Computer) at: Nudist-Resorts.Org

$ ‘Test the Waters’ Visit world famous Haulover Nude Beach near Miami. Visit www.sffb.com

$$ ‘Test the Waters’ 1 Hour Private Skinny Dipping Water Aerobics Class
• Instructor: Pam Oakes
• Location: Varies.  An area private residence pool.  Address available only to registrants.
• Maximum Class Size:  No limit.  Sorry fellas! This is for WOMEN ONLY
• Minimum Donation: $100 per group includes healthy snack.  No alcohol please.
• Reservations: Request reservations from me at pamoakesLOL@gmail.com

$$$ Naked Hot Air Balloon Rides
• Contact Jessica at American Balloons 813.243.9507 or visit www.americanballoonrides.com

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