Haulover Nude Beach founders Richard and Shirley Mason interviews

Pam interviews the founders of famous Haulover Nude Beach, Richard and Shirley Mason. (Four parts)





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Pam Oakes wins the Honorary Mayor’s race

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In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Festival

In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Festival

2 Live Bands
Live Music from the 60’s, 70’s & more


A blast from the past—were you a hippie or flower child? Relive the fun.

Drag out your bell bottoms, headbands, flowers halter tops, tie-dye, scarfs & dress, and pony tails for this fun family event.  (Hippie clothing is optional)

The best dressed hippie or flower child wins a prize!

Food, Drinks, Raffles, and Fun for everyone.
Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 – 11am to 5pm

FOP Lodge 29 (Fraternal Order of Police, Land O’ Lakes, Corner of Land O’ Lakes Blvd (US41) & Bell Lake Rd

$10.00 adults, children $5.00, under 12 FREE

Come join us and meet Pam Oakes, Candidate for Honorary Mayor of Land O’Lakes.

The Lint Rollers will be playing and paying tribute to the good old days. They are awesome, just close your eyes and go back in time! Bring your lawn chairs or blanket and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Great food and drinks are available to purchase from local vendors in Pasco—choose your favorite or eat it all!

Sorry, no pets are allowed for this event.

To learn more about Pam, her campaign issues and about the Honorary Mayor’s Race, visit http://pamoakes.com. 100% of donations & proceeds go to the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce, with 10% earmarked for the Honorary Mayor’s choice charity.

Don’t miss the In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Festival

Enjoy Live Music from the 60’s, 70’s and more at this outdoor concert event supporting Pam Oakes, candidate for Honorary Mayor of Land O’ Lakes on Feb. 24, Sunday, at the beautiful facility at the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP Lodge-29) on the corner of US 41/Land O’ Lakes Blvd and Bell Lake Rd. The Event starts at 11am and will continue to 5pm with food, drinks and merchants from local vendors, prizes and fun for everyone! All proceeds go to the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce in this fundraising event. $10.00 per person, Children under 12yrs old accompanied by parent free, children 13 yrs to 16yrs accompanied by parent $5.00. It will be a great afternoon for the whole family! Bring lawn chairs or a blanket.

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In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco poster

The official In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco poster!

In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco brochure-poster

Click on the poster to enlarge.

For a lighter version suitable for printing brochures, click here.

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Kevin at Accelerated Global is inspired with the name In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco for the event

Accelerated-Global-logo13The big music festival hadn’t yet been named. As Kevin at Accelerated Global was working on some promotional videos for the headline act, he realized their rendition of the Iron Butterfly’s iconic 60’s anthem In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was spot on.

With his discerning musical ear, having spent most of his life in various bands playing a variety of instruments, he realized these musicians had a special quality in recreating the authentic sounds, right down to the couch-sized 60s-era Hammond B3 organ they were lugging around, just as many of that era’s rock bands had done.

In a flash of inspiration, Kevin chose the name for the event. It would be suggestive of the 60s-era nature of this music festival, and instantly recognizable to fans of 60s-70s hard rock. By including the name Pasco, it showed the support this event would provide for the county’s businesses. It was a play on words, as Iron Butterfly had done with its variation of “In The Garden Of Eden,” the original song title. It suggested in a subliminal way that Pasco county was indeed a garden worth visiting, which tied in with the campaign’s focus on international tourism. And so, the music event gained a distinctive name: In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco.

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Authentic 60s-70s band Lint Rollers is secured by the campaign manager to perform at the music festival

The Lint Rollers will perform on Sunday, Feb 24th 2013 at the Fraternal Order of Police property on the corner of US41/Land O Lakes Blvd and Bell Lake Road.
The In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco music festival is from 11 a.m. til 5 p.m.
Admission is $10.00 per adult, teens 13-16 $5.00, under 12 FREE
See details.

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Planning for a large music festival begins

Accelerated-Global-logo13The previous year, Ling had noticed the perfect location for a large music event when promoting designer wine at the Fraternal Order of Police property where a band was performing outdoors. She set this idea aside for a future possibility.

At a subsequent event at another location in Carrolwood, Kevin was assisting as part of a four-cameraman crew filming a live band’s performance at the outdoor festival there. Kevin and Ling took notice of the preceding band’s skill in performing classic rock hits from such iconic 60s and 70s bands as Deep Purple, the Beatles and Iron Butterfly. They felt this band would be perfect for some type of future music event.

Several months later, Ling wanted to create a fundraiser for Pam. Since Ling at the time was managing Pam’s run for Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes, she visualized a large music event at the FOP property with that band, who styled themselves the Lint Rollers. Planning was initiated to make this event a reality for Pasco county.

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Pizza Villa event with Santa, Let’s Go Nuts home demonstration, Taste of the Town fundraisers

Pizza Villa held a fundraiser for Pam during December which featured an appearance by Santa and free pizza for the kids. The event was considered a success, and was the result of the close cooperation between Pam and Cheryl, the manager of Pizza Villa.

Shortly afterwards,  Pam conceived of a natural raw food fundraising event, which was later held in the home of a friend, and was called the Let’s Go Nuts raw food demonstration. Around twenty guests enjoyed learning how to prepare Pam’s recipe for her raw walnut substitute for ground meat.

Following this, a fundraising event called Toast of the Town was held at the offices of a local business with two musical acts and delicious catering donated generously by Pizza Villa.

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Ling Christensen becomes Pam’s campaign manager

Accelerated-Global-logo13In the context of managing Pam’s website, Ling and Kevin realized Pam would benefit from having an aggressive management team. They all shared the same values regarding the health of the local economy, sharing healthy eating habits, and fostering the correct perception of the naturist culture. Ling could draw on her extensive experience in event planning, sales, marketing, management and organization to help Pam in her run for Honorary Mayor.

When Kevin and Ling suggested this idea, Pam accepted and the campaign accelerated.

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Accelerated Global manages the campaign website, and recommends a strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media

Accelerated-Global-logo13As Kevin consulted with Pam, he recommended that with 2013 coming up, the essential place for any business or event to have a presence was on the various social media, to help draw traffic to the main business or event website.

At the time, Pam only had a simple Facebook page, and Kevin and Ling recommended she start by building a page for herself on LinkedIn which, Kevin explained, was a sort of Facebook for business. As Pam got started building her online resume on LinkedIn, Kevin followed up by creating a Twitter page for her with a clear description of the campaign’s goals.

All of this social media was then tied in to appear on every page of her campaign website. This made it a simple matter for viewers and supporters to post these updates on their own social media pages.

With the basic social media channels in place, Kevin and Ling began helping Pam to push out her campaign message with updates about her fundraising events. Within a short time Pam was surprised to see the number of her friends, followers and connections increasing daily.

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