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PamOakes.com – Here’s how to use this site.

Pam Oakes presents Pasco

Pam Oakes presents Pasco

Greetings from Beautiful Pasco County, Florida, USA!

Official Site of Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes Pam Oakes at PamOakes.com

Welcome to beautiful Pasco County Florida and the virtual campaign headquarters of Pam Oakes!

In late 2012 I announced my candidacy for Honorary Mayor of Land O’Lakes

This is a Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce annual fundraising event.  The candidate collecting the most donations for the Chamber wins. 100 % of all monetary contributions become the property of the Chamber. Donations were received from everywhere! Winner was announced at the Chamber Business Expo March 15 & 16, 2013.

I hope you enjoy this state-of-the-art website designed by Kevin Tambling at Accelerated Global.  Through this miracle of technology I’ll be able to share with you all that I have come to love about Pasco County and my current dash for the sash as I make my inaugural bid for Honorary Mayor. My message to Pasco County on International Tourism, Naturism and the Ecology is a simple one amidst the complexities of each.  Through the efforts of myself and my staff, we hope to look back over my tenure as Honorary Mayor of Land O’Lakes and see a small community that has grown in its appreciation for its link to the past, her vast diversity and opportunity, and to see us all having become a little more united and with a common goal of a healthier self, community and planet.

I hope to join the thrones of former Honorary Mayors of Land O’Lakes who really made a difference during their campaign and subsequent tenure. As you peruse the pages of this website, you will learn  how this once rough-n-tumble tomboy from the upper Midwest came to capture headlines as a “Trailblazer” in the Lansing (MI) State Journal.  Read all about my colorful herstory and a long history of public service that has led me to this race by clicking on Bio. There, I expand on my campaign goals and platform issues that I have chosen to bring awareness to.  I believe these issues are directly related to a local economy that is strong and sustainable.

Through utilization of the massive resources available to us, I hope to educate not only my fellow Pasconians, but citizens in the far reaches of Europe as well, about the wonders of Pasco County.  I hope to shed a positive light on this big-time County with a small town feel whose motto is “It’s Only Natural”. Learn more about why Pasco County is the quintessential family vacation destination and why it is a desirable location for International visitors on the International Tourism page.

Attendees at the 7th Annual Pasco Tourism Summit watched in awe at the recently released Pasco/Citrus/Hernando County tourism project “6 days on Florida’s Nature Coast”. The video takes the virtual traveler down the breathtaking ‘Blue Trailway’.

What makes Pasco County so special?

What makes Pasco County so special?

What makes Pasco County so special? It’s people!  Virtuous and loyal customers, good stewards to our less fortunate, we are known worldwide to be warm and accommodating with our Southern hospitality. We are the southernmost county on Florida’s Nature Coast with a breathtaking blue trailway. This is just the beginning of an impressive list of ‘eco’tunities in our midst.  Following the nature theme, it is the reason ‘Doc’ Brubaker first settled in this region upon the advice from his doctor to “skinny dip” and enjoy the therapeutics of nature more.  He and his wife opened Pasco County’s first naturist and health facility in 1941.  Find out more about this age old practice, its roots in Europe and the Lake Como Family Community & Naturist Resort and how it has now become the epicenter of a large diverse clustering of naturist and clothing-optional resorts, RV parks and campgrounds located in central Pasco on the Naturism page.

Throughout Pam’s Naked Pasco, I use the term “naked” many times in the ethereal sense.  This is an organic site of mind and body where everything is free from additives and drama, and is only occupied by pure food, water, feelings, love and light.  For the naturist and non-naturist alike, my calendar of events and fun things to do in Pasco County, indeed includes things to do naked in Pasco County that are in appropriate and safe settings, but also where to find naked unadulterated food, places to go with natural surroundings and the like.  After you discover what naturism is, and perhaps more importantly, what it is not, you may choose from my specially picked list of events and fun things to do to ‘dip your toe’ into the waters of naturism.  I can talk until I’m blue in the face on why I chose the naturist lifestyle and how I feel it is a vital component in a wholesome existence, but this truly is one of those instances where one must experience it for themselves to fully appreciate the benefits.  Therefore, I’ve developed some creative and discreet ways to ‘test the waters’ of social nudism for the seriously curious.

One would be in remiss to speak on the subjects of Tourism and Naturism and not include the Environment in the conversation.  Both Tourism and Naturism are intrinsically linked to the Environment by virtue of beautiful parks and communities, pristine waterways and clean drinking water.  Should we be careless with our environment, not only do future generations suffer so does our “golden egg” of tourism.  Visitors won’t come and people won’t want to live here unless it’s kept up. Check out more on how you can pitch in and maintain our community’s natural resources on my Recycling page.

Visit the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce [CPCC] page and learn how they have been promoting businesses and helping families since 1975.  Find out how you can get free maps and your own copy of their Membership Directory & Business Guide. See a complete list of Ground Rules for the Annual Honorary Mayor’s RaceAnd remember……Shop Local First!

“The Central Pasco Honorary Mayor’s Race is a Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce fundraising tradition and is held solely for the purpose of raising donation funds for the Chamber.  There is no political office that is won.  There is no salary or compensation for serving as Honorary Mayor.  The Chamber members, who run, do so for fun and to fund raise for the Chamber and to create some visibility for themselves and their business.” — from Honorary Mayor Ground Rules 2012.

Central Pasco Chamber of Commercewww.CentralPascoChamber.com – See their Facebook page

Pasco County Tourismwww.VisitPasco.net – See their Facebook page

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Pasco county officials and nudists unite for Pasco international tourism


Pasco International Tourism

By Pam Oakes / Special to Nusa SUN

As the Olympic Torch methodically finds its way to the Olympic Stadium cauldron in London on July 27th, U.S. officials here are hoping that some Europeans are set to vault across the big pond and holiday abroad this year. In January, President Obama appeared at Disney World to unveil a Federal tourism plan that encourages travelers from across the globe to visit the USA and enjoy her many world famous attractions from sea to shining sea. The Federal government has challenged state and local governments to follow its lead and develop their own international tourism marketing plans. The Commerce Department says international travel is worth $134 billion, which has jurisdictions across the land scrambling to find their special ‘niche’ and win the attention of international visitors.

A Match Made in Heaven “Love-Love”

County official and nudists uniteWe like tourists because they spend money in our businesses, help pay our taxes while here, and not only help us keep our jobs, but for every 65 tourists visiting an area, one new job is created. Much like good grandchildren, they come and then go home. Once home, they act as mini ambassadors and most come back. On the flip side of the coin, what’s not to love about Florida? The Sunshine State boasts year round warm weather, sterling beaches, Mickey Mouse and southern hospitality. Most international visitors enjoy a good exchange rate and find our hotels, restaurants, shopping and transportation to be reasonably priced. Pasco County specifically, whose motto is “It’s Only Natural” is right on target with what many family oriented Europeans value and desire – a relaxed atmosphere and a natural environment. ‘Eco’tunities abound throughout our parks and along the shores of this southernmost county of Florida’s Nature Coast. Within a stones throw of world famous theme parks, beaches, Tampa Bay amenities, and coupled with easy access to international airports and cruise ships, Pasco County is the quintessential family oriented vacation destination. a special ‘niche’ presents itself. Rapidly becoming known internationally as the Naturist Capital of the USA, Pasco County also benefits from housing the largest naturist community in the United States. Pasco also has something very special that no one else does. Nestled in her central core, a special ‘niche’ presents itself.

A Perfect Marriage

With an estimated 19 million European naturists, and for the countless others who do not identify themselves as naturists but prefer to vacation at nudist resorts, here lies a diverse cluster of naturist and clothing optional communities, resorts, RV parks and campgrounds. Europeans typically enjoy marathon summer vacations lasting from 3 – 6 weeks or longer. This coincides perfectly with Pasco’s ‘off’ or ‘low’ season. A small volunteer naturist group presented these facts to county officials and it didn’t take long for the Pasco County Tourist Development Council to place a collective toe into the heretofore unknown waters of international naturist tourism.

In an unprecedented move, the county dove in, head first, to award the Pasco Area Naturist Development Association (PANDA) $3,818 to place advertising in targeted international naturist publications to promote the area. Following an International Naturist Tourism Forum in May, which was co-hosted by PANDA and Pasco County, interest catapulted to new heights among the nude recreation industry and the local business community. The Pasco International Tourism Committee is a newly formed group that arose in the wake of this renewed energy, and is comprised of local government leaders as well as naturist and non-naturist business and community volunteers. Together they plan to carry Pasco’s own torch to encourage international visitors to choose Pasco where “It’s Only Natural.”



Reprinted with permission Nusa SUN Magazine

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