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Pam Oakes wins the Honorary Mayor’s race


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Planning for a large music festival begins

Accelerated-Global-logo13The previous year, Ling had noticed the perfect location for a large music event when promoting designer wine at the Fraternal Order of Police property where a band was performing outdoors. She set this idea aside for a future possibility.

At a subsequent event at another location in Carrolwood, Kevin was assisting as part of a four-cameraman crew filming a live band’s performance at the outdoor festival there. Kevin and Ling took notice of the preceding band’s skill in performing classic rock hits from such iconic 60s and 70s bands as Deep Purple, the Beatles and Iron Butterfly. They felt this band would be perfect for some type of future music event.

Several months later, Ling wanted to create a fundraiser for Pam. Since Ling at the time was managing Pam’s run for Honorary Mayor of Land O Lakes, she visualized a large music event at the FOP property with that band, who styled themselves the Lint Rollers. Planning was initiated to make this event a reality for Pasco county.

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Pizza Villa event with Santa, Let’s Go Nuts home demonstration, Taste of the Town fundraisers

Pizza Villa held a fundraiser for Pam during December which featured an appearance by Santa and free pizza for the kids. The event was considered a success, and was the result of the close cooperation between Pam and Cheryl, the manager of Pizza Villa.

Shortly afterwards,  Pam conceived of a natural raw food fundraising event, which was later held in the home of a friend, and was called the Let’s Go Nuts raw food demonstration. Around twenty guests enjoyed learning how to prepare Pam’s recipe for her raw walnut substitute for ground meat.

Following this, a fundraising event called Toast of the Town was held at the offices of a local business with two musical acts and delicious catering donated generously by Pizza Villa.

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“Dancing with Our Stars” fundraiser

Pam Oakes at "Dancing with Our Stars"

Photo credit to Anthony V. Masella Jr. tony@ourtownfla.com

Candidates for the annual Honorary Mayor’s Race of Land O’Lakes were announced at the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerces “Dancing With Our Stars” fundraiser October 20, 2012.

The event was held at the beautiful Center for the Arts in Wesley Chapel. The local star-studded dancing extravaganza was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Lisa Rogers, a Mary Kay beauty consultant, also threw her hat into the ring. Upon our introduction on stage, Lisa and I ‘staged’ an impromptu 10 second comedy routine as we both ‘fought’ for the spotlight. We ‘made up’ shook hands with hugs all around. The campaign is ushered in to the sounds of good humored uproarious laughter.

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