Accelerated Global manages the campaign website, and recommends a strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media

Accelerated-Global-logo13As Kevin consulted with Pam, he recommended that with 2013 coming up, the essential place for any business or event to have a presence was on the various social media, to help draw traffic to the main business or event website.

At the time, Pam only had a simple Facebook page, and Kevin and Ling recommended she start by building a page for herself on LinkedIn which, Kevin explained, was a sort of Facebook for business. As Pam got started building her online resume on LinkedIn, Kevin followed up by creating a Twitter page for her with a clear description of the campaign’s goals.

All of this social media was then tied in to appear on every page of her campaign website. This made it a simple matter for viewers and supporters to post these updates on their own social media pages.

With the basic social media channels in place, Kevin and Ling began helping Pam to push out her campaign message with updates about her fundraising events. Within a short time Pam was surprised to see the number of her friends, followers and connections increasing daily.

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