Pam d’Bare Oakes, Reporter

From the Naturist Capital USA, Pasco County, FL

2 Minute Nude News: Archive

Pam d’Bare Oakes, Reporter

Pam Oakes, 2 Minute Nude News Friendly Reporter

Pam Oakes, 2 Minute Nude News Friendly Reporter

03/08/13 – Sorry!  On campaign trail.

03/01/13 – Lake Como hosts XII Volleyball Superbowl South, Paradise Pines Nudist RV Park Open House

02/22/13 – Sorry!  On campaign trail.

02/15/13 In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Fest in Land O’Lakes, Mid-Winter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort

02/08/13 – B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Founder, Political Activist Shirley Mason [Interview]

02/01/13 – South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) Political Activist Richard Mason [Interview]

01/25/13 – AANR-FL Region Mid-Winter Board Meeting, Candidate Pam Oakes Adds In-A-Gadda-Da-Pasco Music Fest to List of Fundraising Events

01/18/13 – Paradise Lakes Resort, Neighborhood Associations of Paradise Lakes to Host AANR-FL Mid-Winter Meeting

01/11/13 – Lake Como Outdoor Nude Recreation, Remembering Eve Ferber, Land O’Lakes Honorary Mayor Fundraiser

01/04/13 – Part 2 of 2 Pasco International Tourism [PIT] Effort 2012 Year End Review

12/28/12 – Part 1 of 2  Pasco International Tourism [PIT] Effort 2012 Year End Review

12/21/12 – New Years Eve, Nusa SUN Magazine Article on the Honorary Mayor’s Race, Quarter Minute Mantra

12/14/12 – Giving Thanks for Freedom, Community and Opportunity, Upcoming Honorary Mayor Events

12/07/12 – Holiday Festivities

11/30/12 – Naturists Giving Spirit, Pink Heels 5K follow-up

11/23/12 – Rebirth of Paradise Lakes Resort

11/16/12 – “Weird Weddings” Local Nudists Kevin and Shannon Young appear on  National Geographic’s Taboo [Interview]

11/09/12 – AANR Amazing Canvas Body Painting Contest Results, AANR Government Affairs Update

11/02/12 – Mitt & mitts, Land O’ Lakes SwampFest

10/26/12 – Lake Como Veteran’s Day Weekend Blues Festival

10/20/12 – Pam Oakes Announces Candidacy for Honorary Mayor of Land O’ Lakes

10/12/12 – Tampa Tribune article re: Pasco Naturist Tourism, Eric Keaton Tourism Dir. [Comments], New Owners of Paradise Lakes Resort, Nusa SUN Magazine

10/05/12 – Vote in the Nude, Paradise Pines Nudist RV Park, Fall Activities, Rocky ‘In The Flesh’ Performance at Riverboat Nudist Club

09/28/12 – Fall Activities, Halloween Party Themes

09/21/12 – Diversity in Naturism, Sawmill Campground

09/14/12 – Favorite Nude Recreation Picks, Football Terms in Nudist-speak

09/07/12 – Caliente Bare Dare 5K Becomes National Event, Naturists: Upholders of Strong Family Values by Paul LeValley of Tallahassee Naturally Naturist Club [Quotes]

08/31/12 – Labor Day Events, Political Activist Richard Mason of South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) [Comments], American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) Government Affairs Fund Bumper Stickers: Right to Bare Arms, Legs and Torsos.

08/24/12 – Go Topless Day

08/17/12 – 81st AANR Convention, Keynote Dr. Stan McGahey, Saint Leo University, Convention Global Media Attention, Nusa SUN Magazine, Nekkid Chef‏ Ad, Central Pasco Chamber Membership Meeting, Keynote Pam Oakes, Central Pasco Chamber’s International Tourism (PIT) Committee

08/10/12 – 81st AANR Convention, Susan Weaver AANR President and Tom Mulhall AANR PR Director [Interview]

08/03/12 – 81st AANR Convention, Lake ComoFamily Nudist Resort

07/27/12 – U.K. Vacationers Steve and Lisa Pierpoint Visit Naturist Capital [Interview 2]

07/20/12 – U.S. Olympians Nude in ESPN, U.K. Vacationers Steve and Lisa Pierpoint [Interview 1]

07/13/12 – Pasco County ‘It’s Only Natural’, Pasco International Tourism (PIT) Committee

07/06/12 – National Nude Recreation Week, SFFB & Florida Naturist Association Celebrate 21st Anniversary of Haulover Beach, SFFB’s Richard Mason [Comments], Nusa SUN Magazine

06/29/12– 4th of July, SFFB, Shirley Mason of BEACHES Foundation’s [Comments], ANNR Legal Defense Fund

06/22/12 – Pinellas County Nude Beach Debate, Richard Mason of South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) [Comments]

06/15/12 – Nudist Expo Las Vegas, Nudist, Nudist Realtor April Genter [Comments]

06/08/12 – Sawmill Campground

06/01/12 – Nudist Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas June 1 & 2, International Visitors

05/25/12 – Memorial Day Weekend, Roper Poll on Nude Vacations

05/18/12 – 1st Annual International Naturist Tourism Forum, Paradise Lakes WFLA TV Interveiw, Lake Como & Cypress Cove 5K’s

05/11/12 – 1st Annual International Naturist Tourism Forum, Forum Global Media Attention

05/04/12 – ANNR Next Generation Marketing, Nude Recreation’s National Economic Impact

04/27/12 – 20th Anniversary of 5K Bare Dare at Lake Como, Fawlty Towers Resort

04/20/12 – Tampa Tribune Article re: Eurobird Season, Nudist Expo Las Vegas, Nusa SUN Magazine

04/13/12 – Paradise Lakes 30th Anniversity, Caliente Car Show, 71st Anniversary of Naturism in Pasco County

04/06/12 – Nudist Women Charity ‘Fashion Week’

03/30/12 – 71st Anniversary of Naturism in Pasco County, Bare Buns Biker Rally, New! Suwannee Valley Resort

03/23/12 – Occupy Haulover, European Naturist Federations Annual Meeting

03/16/12  – $2 Bill Campaign, Pasco County Resolution 11-208, PANDA Eurobird Grant

03/09/12 – Nudist Clubhouse Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas June 1 & 2, 2012

03/02/12 – Nude Nite Tampa, PANDA $2 Bill Campaign

02/24/12 – Lake Como Volleyball Superbowl, Eve Ferber [Interview]

02/17/12 – Naturist Day at Tampa Renaissance Faire, Quarter Minute Mantra

02/10/12 – PANDA Eurobird Grant, Ed Caum of Pasco County Tourism Development Council [Comments], New! Fawlty Towers Resort

02/03/12 – The Big Nude Boat, Obama Promotes Tourism, PANDA Eurobird Grant

01/27/12 – PANDA 3rd Annual Blood, Food, Clothing Drive; Nusa SUN Magazine

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  1. carl young

    so talented and energic. worth more than “Honorary”. deserving of Naked News anchor.

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